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Yes! BMD does accept phone orders. If you need assistance placing your order, please contact us at (805) 996-0808 and we'll happily assist you in reserving StageProjectors Option 8!

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Yes! BMD accepts purchase orders from schools and government agencies within the United States, with full payment due within 14-days of product delivery. Please download and complete a PDF order form for StageProjectors Option 8 and submit along with your form of payment to the address listed on the document.

StageProjectors Option #8
8,000 Lumens, .4:1 Throw Ratio

BMD takes the guesswork and frustration out of buying a projector by purposefully offering a specific inventory of effective and affordable projectors that meet all the requirements for the stage. We achieve this by eliminating the unnecessary equipment options and focusing on three core attributes: Price, Brightness and Image Size. We recognize that it is important for your organization to receive the highest value from this expenditure. At our core, we are a company full of thespians, and working with us translates to BMD coming alongside as a member of your production team.

Prefer to order by phone?
Call us at 1-800-277-0343. An account manager will happily assist you in reserving your projector. 


  • ADVANCE RESERVATION: Please place your Rental Order at least 4 weeks prior to your need-by date. Any orders placed less than 4 weeks are subject to an additional fee, increased shipping charges and risk of inventory availability changes.
  • RENTAL PERIOD: Rentals are weekly, Monday to Monday. Your Rental Period begins on the first Monday (the “First Date”) and must be delivered to the nearest FedEx by End of Day Monday at the end of your rental dates (the “Return Due Date”).
  • PAYMENT: BMD accepts payment by check or credit/debit. Purchase Fees are due before shipment. All rentals require a credit or debit card on file for any incidental or late charges. If the rental or purchase pricing changes prior to the date of shipment due to market retail pricing or industry inventory availability, which are beyond the control of BMD, Recipient shall be alerted in advance of shipment and shall be granted the right to cancel their order without cancellation fees.
  • CANCELLATION: No returns, exchanges, refunds, cancellations or reimbursements.
  • AVAILABILITY: Projector rentals are only available in the United States

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