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Scenic Projections are the core of BMD. You can view our show packages and learn more about each product.

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View our selection of audiovisual hardware, aimed at making your production more possible.

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Affordable media for theatres regardless of size.

BMD makes it easy to integrate Broadway-quality scenic projection content and audiovisual hardware into your upcoming production. We've streamlined the process from inquiry to execution, and offer your team creative and technical assistance.

Trusted Industry Leader

Our knowledgeable staff and professional products set us apart. We embrace change and are the pioneers of melding innovative technology with amateur theatre. Projections are our thing, but so are people and we consider it an honor to get to know each customer and their needs.

Meaningful Content

Scenic projections absorb audiences by bridging the gap between theatre and cinema. It's our goal to deliver consistently stunning, first-rate scenic projections affordable and accessible to amateur theatres. By melding the art form of scenic design with technology, we achieve just that.

Innovative Technology

We provide the best hardware for a very specific purpose – beautiful scenic projections. Now, with our expertise, implementing scenic projections can be painless technical theatre. Our equipment focuses on the three core areas of delivery, output, and surfaces.