ScenicProjections™ coincide with a specific musical or play, including the Music Theatre International (MTI) and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) catalogue of musicals. BMD brings a cinematic element to the medium of theatre, absorbing audiences of all ages in the delivery of animated projection content. 

Our Partners:

TRW and BMD partner to bring Scenic Projections to theatres everywhere!
Theatrical Rights Worldwide

MTI and BMD partner to bring Scenic Projections to theatres
Music Theatre International

Scenic Projections™ 

Our Scenic Projections™ are designed to run the entire length of a production and are tailored to perfectly match the official licensed script and music. Scenic Projections™ are not simply looping videos or static still images, they are cinematic in nature with actions that breathe new life into scenic design. Scenic Projections™ are designed as Cueable Content™ and delivered in a pre-formatted Playback timeline, allowing operators to simply press one button to cue the projections!

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