Our Team

Our Mission: We break down barriers to the Performing Arts by innovating on everyday technology to create resources that help build a more informed, empowered and creative world.


 Our Vision
 Universal access to the joy of theatre-making.


Our Values 

  Be of Service.

Through our products, our work with Theatre Makers, and to each other, we strive to cultivate an environment that empowers creativity, with our simple mission in mind: make theatre more accessible. 

Lead with integrity.
We believe in the power of being forthright in the pursuit of our mission, boldly innovate in technology and art to bring the joy of theatre to everyone, and proudly accept responsibility for the work we do. 

Celebrate creativity.
We believe in elevating great ideas, no matter where they come from, recognizing every team member’s contribution to our achievements and the success of Theatre Makers everywhere. 

Be great.
In our mutual obligations to each other and our customers, we ask ourselves how we can exceed the achievements of our previous work, every time. 

Love to learn. 
We work hard at our personal and collective dedication to learning, and believe that investing in our team leads to better work and a better industry.




Interested in working together?

We're always looking for talented and inspired individuals to join our growing team. Send your resume and cover letter to scody@broadwaymedia.com


BMD runs three paid internships in Administration, Design, and Technical / Production Management. These internships have been designed to offer individuals exciting and valuable experience within the industry during the early stages of their career. Each internship runs for a period of ten calendar months during which the candidates are treated as full and valued members of the BMD team and given access to mentoring and training opportunities as well as hands on experience. Send your resume and cover letter to bspicer@broadwaymedia.com