Fiddler on the Roof Scenic Projections

In designing the projections for “Fiddler on the Roof,” we imagined the story to have been passed down from generation to generation. Inspired by the time-honored method of transferring stories, our scenic design was developed in the style of wood block ink drawings. Light colors complement the line work and create focus for each scene.

The musical itself does not call for spectacular scenic design. The story, bold and rich, is complemented with the use of just backdrops. Our projections do not distract from the classic story and eliminate the need to build or rent expensive backdrops. Because the projections do not need to replace built set pieces, the series is extremely versatile. The staging can be 20-feet-wide or 100-feet-wide and still convey the same powerful message.

In the countryside settings found throughout “Fiddler on the Roof,” our digital scenery interacts with the action onstage. As Tevye pulls his milk cart to stage right, the background can adjust
accordingly. We’ve made it possible for a technician to play looping and still background images, creating a sense of movement during scenes and musical numbers throughout the show.
We developed projections for the show with Cardinal Music, a mid-sized theatre in Canada. Since, we’ve worked with a handful of small and moderate-sized companies to stage the musical. Combining great acting, staging and costumes with high-quality projections creates a renewed energy for the show, giving you the opportunity to distinguish your production among the rest and amplify the theatrical experience for your audience.

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • Tevye’s Home
  • Home interior
  • Anatevka townsquare
  • The Inn
  • Railroad station
  • Motel’s Tailor Shop
  • Tevye’s Kitchen
  • Countryside
  • and more!