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Hello everyone! Chance here with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!” This past week I’ve finally gotten an opportunity to put myself in front of ProPresenter and build an entire show. For those who are unsure, ProPresenter is a PC or Mac based playback software that works quite well with BMD’s content. Putting an entire show together has educated me on how to save time, and we’re going to discuss some of these tips below!

Set the global transition to “cut”

ProPresenter has all transitions set to “dissolve” by default, which is effectively a crossfade. While this is very useful when transitioning between two pieces of disconnected content it can actually hurt the cueing process for BMD’s content. All of the media from BMD was designed to flow seamlessly from one video to the next, so having a crossfade can actually make the transition appear to be uneven.

To fix this you will need to set the global transition to “cut.” Start by clicking on the button below the cue list that looks like multiple stacked layers. A dropdown will appear with multiple options, and you will want to select cut.





Once selected, all of the transitions that aren’t specifically set to something else will all cut immediately to the next video file, keeping the integrity of the transition.

Making cues follow one another

All of the cues provided by BMD should be set in the “foreground” of ProPresenter. To make a cue follow into another cue simply right click on that slide and select “Go To Next Timer…”

Once selected a window will appear. The duration input in this window will correspond with how long the video freezes at the end before moving on. If you are looking for an auto-follow this time should be set to zero.

Keeping track of scenes/cues

One of the most difficult parts of ProPresenter can be in its clarity of cueing. There are ways to place cues into groups, but I personally found the grouping system to make things a little more complicated when trying to run a show. It seems to work well for church settings (for which it was created) but you may need to experiment to find something that will work well for the person cueing the show.

What I’ve done here in the office is edit all of the slide labels to represent different scenes. You can do this by right clicking on a slide followed by “Edit Slide Label” and “Other…” From here you can change the name and color of the cue. For the name I always put what is happening in that cue (or any cue nickname assigned by the Stage Manager) and separate the scenes by color. It makes it much easier to follow along when running the show.


I hope you’ve found some of these tips to be useful! If you have any other questions about working BMD’s content with ProPresenter shoot us an email at, and we will be more than happy to assist!

chance_thumbnailCHANCE CROFT, Support Technician

Chance is from Visalia, California and grew up performing in theatre. He attended California State University, Fullerton, where he studied theatre, focusing on theatre technology and education. If he wasn’t BMD’s awesome Support Technician, he’d likely be a voiceover artist (he has a very deep voice). He enjoys video games and finding new restaurants in town. Chance lives in Fresno, California with his girlfriend Sam, his two cats and his dog Lady. His favorite musical is Seussical.

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