Behind the Lens: Accessing Your ProPresenter Workspace

Hello everyone! Chance here with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!”

Today we’re going to talk through the simple process of downloading and accessing your ProPresenter workspace supplied by BMD!

What is ProPresenter?

We have gone into this in depth in previous blog posts, but to summarize ProPresenter is playback system for Mac and Windows that can be used to cue content. We would recommend having a fairly new Mac or PC since our content is animation heavy, but always send an email and ask us if you are unsure!

Receiving the File

You should have already downloaded ProPresenter by the time you receive the content. What you’ll notice is that unlike something like QLab, all the media is built into the single file that is sent your way. No more having to manage raw files!

After the file is downloaded you can simply double click to open it in ProPresenter.

Importing Media

This section can take a little while depending on your show and computer. Once double clicked ProPresenter will distribute the built in media throughout the workspace in the designated order. Be patient, as this can take a little bit of time.

Managing the Workspace

Once the media has been distributed you are free to manipulate it as you would any other ProPresenter show! You can move media, delete media, or even change the transitions between cues.

What does this mean for you?

Having ProPresenter as a pre-built option for our clients has streamlined the process of getting content into the hands of our clients. We have had issues with clients losing media in the past and using ProPresenter bundles circumvents this issue.

This also allows us to get pre-built shows into your hands! While some of our clients have been able to pick up and learn some of the cueing softwares on the market, we realized that this isn’t an ideal situation for many teachers and directors. Our pre-built bundles allow us to save our clients time and ensure something that will work.

That’s all for now, but we will definitely be going into more detail with ProPresenter in the future, so check back soon! If you have any questions please send an email to and we will be more than happy to assist.

Until next time!

chance-thumbnail-1.pngCHANCE CROFT, Support Technician

Chance is from Visalia, California and grew up performing in theatre. He attended California State University, Fullerton, where he studied theatre, focusing on theatre technology and education. If he wasn't BMD's awesome Support Technician, he'd likely be a voiceover artist (he has a very deep voice). He enjoys video games and finding new restaurants in town. Chance lives in Fresno, California with his girlfriend Sam, his two cats and his dog Lady. His favorite musical is Seussical.