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Our still images and animated videos are guaranteed to bring dynamic energy to your show. BMD's projections create flexibility, increase production value and create an enhanced experience the audience won’t soon forget! 

The Only Authorized Source
We are proud to have exclusive relationships leading rights agencies; including Music Theatre International (MTI) and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW)


Choose Your Projections

Explore our theatre projection library of individual Digital Drops scenes or Scenic Projections show packages. BMD offers two format options for all projections, including cinematic Animated Videos and beautiful Image Slides. All projections are delivered 1-day from ordering and come configured in an easy-to-use customizable format, with no additional playback software required, allowing operators to press one button to control all of the digital scenery.

Digital Drops: Plays, Musicals, Ballets, Concerts, Recitals and more!

Select from a catalog of thousands of different hand drawn, photo-real or painted digital backdrops. Build your show with one digital backdrop or add as many scenes as you'd like! Customize your show easily with both a day and night version, lighting changes or special effects included standard in each DigitalDrops product. This flexibility provides your production team exciting options to customize your performance. DigitalDrops are professionally designed and delivered in a pre-formatted software. 

Scenic Projections: The Value of an Officially Licensed Product

BMD's easy-to-use Scenic Projections show packages are created for a specific show, crafted to correspond with the licensed script, tailored to be the right scale and carefully considered to ensure that the projection art adds to the story being told. As the first company to make projections commercially available, BMD founder and President Quentin Sanford developed these officially licensed projections through exclusive partnerships with Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide to ensure that the our high-quality projections consider the authors intent.



Gather The Tools

With a our help getting setup, you can use projections in your next production. The quality of your equipment, and your tech expertise, only matter so much. With Broadway-Quality Digital Drops or Scenic Projections you can expand your ability to tell theatrical stories, even if you don’t have state-of-the-art equipment yet. We have streamlined the projections experience with creative excellence and technical expertise!

DISCLAIMER: You don't have to be a technical genius to make projections work!

There are certain recommended tools for projections, but that shouldn't stop you from getting started immediately with your existing setup! Borrow a projector, use an existing cyclorama and plug the projector into your laptop! Now you're ready to adjust certain projector settings, try different projection images or videos, and refine your stage lighting. 

Projection Playback: Simply, "playback" is the control software or hardware to cue and deliver projection images and videos to your projector, and allows you to adjust the timing of the projection to your live performance. All Scenic Projections and Digital Drops are delivered in a pre-made Playback. There is no other source who provides this type of one-stop concierge service.   

Projection Surface: There are many options for projection surfaces, ranging from custom-made professional fabrics to affordable DIY solutions - anything can be a screen! Customers use an existing cyclorama or scrim, painted wood flats, sewn together bed sheets, stretched construction plastic, fog or an upstage wall. The only limit is your imagination! Generally keep the surface cream or light grey and somewhat reflective. If you'd like some professional surface options, consider RosebrandRosco or Gerriets for their projection screens and other theatrical fabrics.

Stage Projector: Many different projectors will work for theatre projections, and there there are lots of different specs to consider. Consider using your existing setup now and then upgrade later, as your production budget allows. We've taken the guesswork and frustration out of renting or buying a projector by purposefully offering a specific inventory of effective and affordable rental projectors and purchase investment options that meet all the requirements for the stage.

BMD Scenic Projections

Brightness and Size: The projector throw-ratio is the distance from the lens to the surface. Short-throw projectors allow you to get a larger image within a few feet from the surface. Buy, rent, beg or borrow the brightest projector you can. In general, we recommend projector above 5,000 lumens (lumens is just a fancy word for brightness). Certain stage lighting adjustments should be made, such as focusing your lights 5ft+ from the surface and adjusting lights downward using barn doors to control light spread. 

Front vs. Rear Projection: The vast majority of customers using BMD's projections utilize front-projection with short-throw projectors hung onstage above the actors and angled down to the projection surface. With this new technology, most every stage space can accommodate projections.



Transform Your Stage!

Plan ahead and schedule plenty of time to test your theatre projection setup and you’ll be amazed how your stage becomes a tool for Broadway-Quality visual storytelling! Audiences will enjoy the cinematic transitions between scene changes or magical effects during a scene. Customers find that BMD's projections create flexibility, increase production value and contribute to an enhanced experience the audience won’t soon forget.



Excellent Customer Service Guaranteed

When you purchase a BMD projections, a knowledgeable specialist comes alongside as a member of your production team, ensuring customer satisfaction through around-the-clock technical support. Because of a natural energy inspired by theatre, we work each day excited to come alongside you.

We were the first company to make projections commercially available to the performance arts and continue to be the most innovative, professional, customer-oriented company in existence today.