Professional Services

Professional Live Streaming Services

Let's be frank, video editing takes a lot of time and not everybody can do it the right way. Our services provide access to professional video editors that actually talk to you and understand the needs and requirements of your production.

You are just minutes away from getting your video edited...

1. Capture your production. Record with one or multiple cameras, or screen record your Zoom performance. 

2. Transfer your video files. Send us your raw video clips through Google Drive, Dropbox or any other similar cloud storage service.

3. Get your edited video back in 7 days.  We will email you a download link for your edited video in 7 days, on average. Or in 48 hours if you’ve opted in for the speedy turnaround option.


Package options:

Worry Free Broadcast Package

• Consultation and orientation overview of capturing your production.
• You film your production with one or multiple cameras, and send the footage to BMD.
• We seamlessly mix, edit and broadcast your performance online to the destination of your choice.
• Includes 4 hours of technical support, to get you up and running.
• Includes 10% discount on all camera rentals
• Receive a download link to save your edited production footage as an archival
• Packages from $1,995 for a 90-minute presentation. 

Virtual Reading Video Editing

• We compile your separate video footage and/or your mosaic Zoom performance videos into an exciting theatrical presentation.
• Work with our creative team to adapt your ideas into your ideal presentation.
• Sound editing to optimize backing tracks and voice sync
• $50 per hour, 5-Hour minimum.

Technical Support

• Sound checking and optimization 
• Lighting/video/background assistance
• Zoom theatre tutorial
• Answer questions like"How did you do that?"


Why consider professional video editing services?

Now you can capture your performance and have professional editors curate a high-quality recording for on-demand broadcast and archival purposes. Videos taken in-house or on your phone may have shaking footage or unclear video clips. We'll work to remove the bumpy footage and stabilize the video to provide it a professional look. In low light, not all recorded videos are noise free or high quality. We can help you remove the unwanted noise and provide you with a cleaner appearing video by removing the defective pixels from the footage. You might have a series of short video clips that need to be combined into one (or multiple angles that need to be synced together). We can help you sequence all your performance footage and convert the video into a professional looking presentation.

Broadway Media works with a team of highly qualified and skilled video editors who can provide customized video editing services. We're experiencing high-demand to assistance thousands of theatres in presenting their performances online. If you're a professional video editor interested in working together, send us an email and introduce yourself.