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Capture a sensational live performance and grow your audience online.



Licensors are making available streaming licenses in addition to conventional performance licenses. Titles in the public domain are available to stream or stage in whichever way you like, without paying royalties. Once you’ve got your streaming license from a theatrical licensing organization, you’ll need to sign up with an online ticket provider with a video platform – it’s where your audience will go to buy tickets to watch your stream in your online screening room.



You’ll need dedicated Content Capture software and hardware to stream your show to an online screening room, but first, it depends on what you’re performing and your capture format.

Staged Performance

Use multiple or single devices to capture your onstage production with ShowStream.

Distanced Performance

Follow distancing guidelines by editing-in pre-recorded scenes to your live stream. We call it “simulated live”.

Online Readings

Capture your online shows on Zoom or StreamYard with accompanying virtual backdrops and hardware.


Our cross-platform software ShowStream is free with the rental or purchase of any our streaming hardware.

Production Cameras

Capture your onstage production with video cameras.

Smartphone Hub

Capture your onstage production with single or multiple mobile devices.

Home Studio

Capture an elevated home performance with a desktop or studio kit.


Now you have the software and your hardware needed to connect to your ticketed screening room. You’ll live upload your video through our software via RTMP (it sounds very geeky!). This will take your video and audio and send it to your online platform and broadcast to your audience!



Virtual Readings

Online Virtual Readings

Mobile Capture

Smartphone Capture

Production Camera Capture

Production Camera Capture