Broadway Media launches streaming service ShowStream with partners Music Theatre International and ShowTix4U

Product Announcement: Exclusive new streaming service from Music Theatre International, ShowTix4U and Broadway Media to launch just in time for summer productions.

New York, Ny, May 4th, 2020 – Through a unique partnership between the foremost musical licensing house Music Theatre International (MTI), leading online ticketing company ShowTix4U, and innovative technology provider Broadway Media; organizations will soon be able to obtain the rights to stream live musicals, sell tickets to events, capture and stream performances, and have royalties automatically paid in one, easy-to-use solution. The new streaming service on, is slated to launch in the next six weeks and allows educational, community, and regional organizations to incorporate Live Streaming and Video On Demand capabilities to extend events beyond the walls of their venues.

The partnership between MTI, ShowTix4U and Broadway Media incorporates the services that make all of them leaders in their respective fields and provides a seamless customer service experience, easily stepping organizations through the process of online streaming. First, event producers can secure a streaming license from Music Theatre International. Next, using Broadway Media’s technology, groups can upload existing video and capture new content with a suite of services that includes software, training, and optional rental/sales of streaming equipment, allowing the creation of anything from a simple, one camera shoot to a multi-camera presentation. Finally, using ShowTix4U’s popular, comprehensive platform, streaming events can be created and ticketed generating a new revenue stream in a digital space.

“We built Broadway Media to break down barriers to the performing arts, and it’s in this spirit that we make audience enjoyment of the arts easier than ever, particularly in these trying times. I’m proud to partner with our friends at Music Theatre International and ShowTix4U to do so.” – Quentin Sanford, President, Broadway Media

For the announcement of our new streaming software and hardware solution, ShowStream, we caught up with President of Broadway Media Quentin Sanford to discuss the new product and how it will help schools and theatres carve a new performing arts industry in the wake of COVID-19.

Lawrence Haynes (Marketing Manager): Hi, Quentin! It’s a busy time for Broadway Media – building and launching a product during quarantine is no small feat. Why do it?

Quentin Sanford (President): We’re all facing a difficult time, and we’re looking at an uncertain future. We’ve jumped right into a collaboration with our partners to develop tools for an industry that will, for the time being, be changed, and the reason is pretty simple: we want to help. We seized the opportunity to work with friends that have contributed a great deal to our industry – I think we can do great things together.

We are proud to be introducing a software that is future proof. It’s mostly concerned with streaming live performances, but can take many different streams of information – be that graphic overlays, conference app feeds (like Zoom or Google Hangouts)– and package it into one amazing piece of online entertainment. It’s built so that as live performances return and face the challenges of limited audience sizes or other vulnerabilities, they can still present to patrons at home, collect revenue, and have creative control over the entire experience.

Importantly, the nuances of high-quality streaming are often overlooked. So by creating a collection of hardware cameras and accessories, backed by a robust software, we can help people create a truly incredible experience – beyond holding a cell phone at the back of the auditorium.

Teaming up with our friends at Music Theatre International and ShowTix4U to connect licensing and ticketing with our event capture software helps everyone achieve the joint goal of helping theatremakers return to the stage.

Lawrence: It’s really exciting, and it’s been great to collaborate with our friends on something we believe will be a tremendous help. What do you hope our customers will get out of ShowStream?

Quentin: Simplicity. The hardware and the software goes hand-in-hand. Even if you’re using your own cameras, we’re providing an accessories “DIY” kit that will make sure it all works and increase production quality of your existing equipment.

For those theatres who want to level-up, we will also be featuring high-end professional film-grade cameras for single and mult-camera setups. That’s some serious fun for schools with photography and filmography departments, and it brings other disciplines in school together – that’s a great thing.

Lawrence: What feature of ShowStream are you most excited about?

Quentin: It all ties together with the software - managing the audio and controlling the output of video straight to the online stream gives that polished, professional experience. The director controls are key to ensuring high production value.

Lawrence: Thanks for chatting to me! It’s great to be a part of finding the solution.

Quentin: Agreed. Starting in early March, we started to hear from customers regarding cancelled and postponed productions. Our phone lines were flooded with panic – the team immediately wanted to help provide solutions to the problem. Our goal as a company is to break down barriers to the performing arts, and I think ShowStream does just that. I’m proud of our work and thrilled to be playing a part in this new streaming platform with MTI and ShowTIx4U.

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