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ShowStream™ is a Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone software platform made specifically for live streaming theatre.

In partnership with our friends at Music Theatre International, we've created a full-suite streaming solution for your upcoming performances. Now you can livestream an incredible multi-camera theatrical event with well-balanced audio and director controls straight into your online presentation platform. Learn more about live streaming your next production, or to request download links, please schedule a call with a Production Specialist. 

StagePlayer™ is a Mac, PC and iPad app that runs shows of all sizes, and is made for the stage.

StagePlayer™ is reliable and features a simple design for intuitive and easily controlled playback. StagePlayer™ makes it simple to cue intricate projection images and videos during live performances. StagePlayer™ is delivered with pre-licensed, pre-made images and videos from BMD's content library, specifically prepared by a certified BMD technician for your performance. Once downloaded, users have the ability to edit cue order, duplicate images and videos, edit timing and more! When you’re done designing, you're ready for opening night. Now, run projections by simply pressing “CUE”.




Learn more about our software offerings by scheduling a call with a Production Specialist, or email

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