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Playback is easy with ShowGo. An innovative playback device, ShowGo is a compact, reliable, and powerful processor that connects your projector and computer. ShowGo eliminates the need for an expensive or powerful computer and effortlessly presents rich media through external processing power. 

By connecting ShowGo to your existing computer, you're enabling ShowGo to act as a the video processor! This groundbreaking hardware allows anyone with almost any computer to seamlessly integrate projections at a higher caliber than ever before, all while providing the simplest cueing system possible! No additional software is necessary when you use ShowGo to program projections. The device connects directly to a projector and to your computer. This device was made for the theatre!

ShowGo is currently in Beta testing and initial orders must be approved by your BMD account manager. Please call 1 (800) 277-0343 to place your order. 



Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, Check & Purchase Orders are accepted. Payment can be made with a debit/credit card or through PayPal via this e-commerce website. If you prefer, you can place your order over the phone by calling 1-800-277-0343. Additionally, you may send payment via check to our California, USA headquarters. Please keep in mind that payment by check will take 5-business days to process and BMD makes no guarantee of product availability. A BMD team member will contact you directly to offer alternative product solutions, or process a return check if check payment is submitted and the product is out of stock. We can supply a W-9 tax document should your school or governmental agency require it. We accept school or governmental agency purchase orders in lieu of prepayment if you are located in the United States. Our terms allow for Net-15 payment from the date of shipment, or Net-5 from the date of shipment arrival, whichever is longer.

Please submit an Order Form (PDF) for check and purchase orders.