School Auditorium Interior


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16:9 and 4:3
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Front and Rear
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Animated and Still Images
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Now with digital scenery from BMD, make your live performance more special and more magical with beautifully crafted digital backdrops!

BMD's innovative Digital Drops are the perfect solution for venues that lack the proper fly space to hang traditional backdrops. BMD offers its best-selling Scenic Projections for commonly produced musicals and plays. For everything else inbetween and for original works, we provide Digital Drops.

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School Auditorium Interior | Pricing

BMD offers various features as displayed in the chart below, providing an affordable option for every theatre with an initial 4-week rental period.Please click here or call BMD at 1 (800) 277-0343 to recieve a no-obligation custom quote for your organization with exact pricing for the School Auditorium Interior.

School Auditorium Interior | Photos