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Digital projections from BMD include Scenic Projections, Digital Drops and Projection Design Services for theatre, dance recitals and live events.Affordable digital projections for theatres regardless of size.

BMD makes it easy to integrate Broadway-quality projection content into your upcoming production with themed Digital Drops™ and show-specefic Scenic Projections™. We are the pioneers of digital scenery, being the first company to make projections commercially available. Since then, we have refined and streamlined the process with creative excellence and technical expertise. 

Digital Projections help solve many problems organizations face when mounting live productions, especially the inability to convey a change in time, location or weather. It's our goal to deliver consistently stunning, first-rate projections at an affordable price so that this burgeoning theatrical art form remains accessible to all organizations. By melding the traditional art form of scenic design with innovative technology, coupled with BMD's stellar customer and technical support team, we achieve just that.

Scenic Projections, offering animated videos and still images for commonly produced musicals and playsScenic Projections™ coincide with a specific musical or play, including the Music Theatre International (MTI) and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) catalogue of musicals. BMD brings a cinematic element to the medium of theatre, captivating audiences of all ages in the delivery of animated projection content. Click here to view BMD's Scenic Projections.

Our Scenic Projections™ are designed to run the entire length of a production and are tailored to perfectly match the official licensed script and music. Scenic Projections™ are not simply looping videos or static still images, they are cinematic in nature with actions that breathe new life into scenic design. Scenic Projections™ are designed as Cueable Content™ and delivered in a pre-formatted Playback timeline, allowing operators to simply press one button to cue the projections! 

Digital Drops are themed video and image projectons for theatre, dance recitals and live performancesDigital Drops™ are the replacement to outdate traditional painted backdrops. Cost-effective and visually stunning. Each Digital Drops™ product comes standard with a still image and animated video. Click here to view themed Digital Drops™ products.

Additionally, each product includes multiple versions; either with day and night lighting or special effects, which provides your production team exciting options when developing the visual identity of your performance. Customers look to Digital Drops™ for plays and musicals not found in our Scenic Projections™ category, and for dance recitals and other live events. Each product is designed as Cueable Content™ and delivered in a pre-formatted ProPresenter Playback timeline, allowing operators to simply press one button to cue the Digital Drops™!

Projection Design services by BMD translates production goals into effective, visually rich communication, no matter the medium.

At our core, we are theatrically minded problem solvers. We makes it easy to integrate projection design into your productions. We've streamlined the process from discovery to execution through superb creative and technical expertise. Click here to learn more about BMD's projection design services.