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About Us

Led by BMD’s founder and chief creative Quentin E. Sanford, BMD is a world-leading specialist in projection design for stage and live events, the go-to team for generating creative and technical ideas to realize ambitious artistic projects. With the lens of a live design cinematographer, BMD develops compelling design that integrates dynamic forms of visual engagement.

Custom projection design content can be used in a variety of ways to replace or enhance physical sets or create dynamic, animated backgrounds for shows and live events. BMD’s creative engineers work closely with directors, producers and theatrical influencers to ensure that the content produced adheres to their vision of the production, aligns with the authors intent and enhances the impact of the performance.

Our Process

BMD’s custom projection design translates production goals into effective, visually rich communication, no matter the medium. At our core, we are theatrically minded problem solvers. We make it easy to integrate projection design into your productions. We've streamlined the process from discovery to execution through superb creative and technical expertise. The custom development creative process can change based on the needs of the individual production, but typically includes the following phases: 

Our Process

1. Discover: Capture ideas
Gather production information to determine the detailed project goal and objectives. This phase may include a producer, designer and technician collaboration, analysis of production materials and research. It concludes with the collection of key information necessary to determine requirements and develop a project budget and design strategy.

2. Strategy: Dream of solutions
Project definition builds from the discovery phase and shapes it into a project scope by translating the raw information into an actionable strategic plan. This phase includes creative research, storyboarding and sketching of big ideas.

3. Design: Explore the project
The design phase centers around customer feedback and includes the development of original illustrated artwork, gathering of photographic resource, modeling 3D environments, editing and finally manipulating and compositing the projection design content.

4. Integrate: Make it work
Development takes the content design and builds it into a functional element, whether that be playback cues or everything in between, including quality assurance, technical programming, projection mapping, software and hardware integration, installation and testing. We’re adept at delivering projects on time by effectively and efficiently prioritizing our workload, and documenting specifications, decisions, and next steps in order to keep all team members informed.

5. Implement: Break-a-leg!
Delivering the product is part of the last phase, but measuring success extends the strategy into your production run. BMD’s team of creative innovators have worked for years exploring the full potential of integrating video with live action on stage. Each production has its own needs and unique challenges, and we work to ensure that the content is tailored to the specific vision of the production team. 

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