West Side Story Scenic Projections

Overall, projections bring a cinematic element to the theatrical medium. By enhancing theatrical productions in these ways, scenic projections create a more engaging theatre-going experience for audiences of all ages, allowing them to be absorbed in a truly stunning delivery.

Traditional watercolor with detailed line work embody a retro 1950s look in our scenic design for “West Side Story.” The storyline is a constant switch from reality to dream and we’ve designed our projections to match this. Each scene transitions from black to a pop of color with abstract, dream-like illustrations, which eventually settle into the detailed design of a traditional backdrop.

Scenic projections for “West Side Story” can be used as an entire set, however, we recommend utilizing the series as a full backdrop replacement. Theatres throughout the world have used our projections for their unique combination of dream state and traditional backdrop to breathe new life into this timeless musical

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • New York Street
  • Gymnasium
  • Drugstore exterior
  • Bridal Shop
  • An Alley
  • Under the Highway
  • Title Artwork
  • Bedroom
  • The Cellar
  • Street Corner
  • and more!