Shrek Scenic Projections

Overall, projections bring a cinematic element to the theatrical medium. By enhancing theatrical productions in these ways, scenic projections create a more engaging theatre-going experience for audiences of all ages, allowing them to be absorbed in a truly stunning delivery.

Inspired by the 2008 Broadway production, our scenic design for “Shrek the Musical” features original illustrations and animations resembling a Saturday morning cartoon.

We’ve provided more than 200 clients worldwide with projections to produce “Shrek the Musical.” Clients have had success using our scenic projections as a substitute for a full set, as well as a high-tech backdrop replacement.

The storyline covers much ground. Our projections solve the issue of demonstrating multiple locations in a very cost-effective way. For example, projections for the musical number “Travel Song” allow actors to stay in one place as forests, deserts and lava beds pass behind them.

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • Ogre’s Swamp
  • Forest
  • Castle
  • Duloc Gates
  • Animated Dragon
  • Storybook
  • Title Artwork
  • Traveling Song
  • Wedding
  • Spell animation
  • and more!