Delivery doesn’t come simpler than the ImageCue. An innovative playback device, ImageCue is compact, reliable, and powerful. By displaying images and videos through a DMX-controlled lighting console, ImageCue eliminates the need for a computer and effortlessly presents rich media to the stage.

The Simplest Playback Controller Available

"An affordable, compact, DMX-controlled playback controller that is fast and easy to program!"

PLSN Magazine, December 2015

Easier than Software

Fast Cue Setup

Playback Customization

12-Channel Customization

Connect your lightboard to ImageCue

By connecting ImageCue to your lighting console, you're enabling the device to act as a lighting instrument. This groundbreaking hardware allows the lighting designer to integrate projections at a higher caliber than ever before, all while providing the simplest cueing system possible.

Connect your ImageCue to your projector

ImageCue connects directly to your output device (projector, television, led display) through HDMI or DVI cables. The device comes with a handy mounting bracket for placement behind screens, or hanging from your lighting rig via c-clamp.

Boot-up to your projector in only a few seconds

No additional software is necessary when you use ImageCue to program scenic projections. The device connects directly to a projector, without loading screens, splash images, or even a network login page. This device was made for the theatre; can you say that about your computer?

Cue the pre-programmed content

You only need one person to mount scenic projections with ImageCue. The content is preprogrammed into your lighting console, allowing your operator to cue lights and seamlessly integrate videos into your production, all with the touch of one button.

Technical Information

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