Our effective products eliminate guesswork and unnecessary equipment to focus on three core product areas:

1. Delivery

Delivery doesn’t come simpler than the ImageCue. An innovative playback device that displays images and videos, the ImageCue is controlled by a DMX lighting console and eliminates the need for a computer to present scenic projections. If you can program a lighting console, you can program the ImageCue – our recommended device for scenic projection playback.

2. Output

Short-throw projectors offer the shortest distance from surface to projector, which helps avoid shadows. Traditionally, theatres installed long-throw projectors, hung from the back of the theatre. Video output from long-throw lenses can cast shadows or cause light pollution, impacting the audience’s view of the stage.  Now, technology allows for bright images from a short distance. Learn more by viewing our projector rental and purchase options. 

3. Surface

BMD will soon begin distributing scenic projection screens for standard stage sizes and shapes. All screen surfaces will be designed for optimum gain and excellent color with high-quality contrast ratios. Check back soon for more information on these exciting products.

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