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Curtains Scenic Projections

Set in 1959 at Boston’s Colonial Theatre, “Curtains” tells the story of an opening night gone wrong. The leading lady dies on stage, leaving everyone in the cast and crew a suspect.

To accommodate a complex storyline that examines a show within a show, our projections feature both the audience and actor perspectives of the theatre stage. This important facet guides audiences during the transition of viewpoints at pivotal moments in the story.

As part of the plot, the Colonial Theatre’s cast acts out the first night of Robbin’ Hood – a new musical of the old west. A multi-layered story of this magnitude can be difficult to convey with traditional staging. That’s where BMD’s scenic projections come in. Featuring exceptional backdrops and beautiful set pieces for each setting in the Robbin’ Hood musical, our stage design helps alleviate the elaborate nature of this story, all the way down to an effective solution to the rope accident at the end of Act 1 and scenes that takes place in the flyspace above the stage in Act 2.

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • The Fort
  • Western Town
  • Show Curtain
  • Backstage
  • Fly space
  • Audience/Actor perspective
  • Solutions for theatres without fly space!
  • Robbin’ Hood set design
  • and more!