Catch Me If You Can Scenic Projections

For the fast-paced musical “Catch Me If You Can,” we celebrated the beautiful simplicity of flat design, allowing more room for fun, lively animations that keep stride with this extensive storyline. By merging retro colors, shapes and architecture with flat design, our projections inhabit and revel in 1960s culture, capturing the youthful wisdom this show has to offer. Modeled after the 2002 movie and inspired by the inventive staging of the 2011 Broadway production, our projections interact with the show’s high-energy songs, featuring animated scenery that plays off of the lyrics.

Our projections work as an overall set replacement, representing every scene and unique setting. Projections can also be used as an enhancement to replace backdrops. However, encapsulating the spacious plotline of “Catch Me If You Can,” without the use of scenic projections, is incredibly difficult. Without the use of inventive scenic design, it is nearly impossible to convey the story’s crucial elements of scenic transition to the audience.

Theatres utilize projections for “Catch Me If You Can” due to their versatile and fast-paced nature, often used to replace static backdrops. With no lead-in time or dull moments of waiting for the next set piece to enter downstage, your production can  effectively retain its energy and audiences’ engagement with seamless content. 

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • Brenda’s Bedroom
  • Airport
  • Bar interior and exterior
  • Title artwork
  • Transitions
  • Television patterns
  • Overture titles
  • Abagnale Apartment
  • Train animation
  • Grand Central
  • FBI Training grounds
  • Stage with Curtains
  • Idlewind Motel
  • Motel interior
  • Frank’s Apartment
  • Doctor animations
  • Tudor hotel
  • Airplane animation
  • Courthouse
  • New Rochelle Station
  • Principals Office
  • Bank interior
  • Checks falling animation
  • FBI Office
  • Hotel St. Regis exterior
  • Hotel room
  • Hotel pool
  • New Orleans Home
  • Hospital
  • Television Studio
  • PanAm Tailors
  • and more!