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The Addams Family Scenic Projections

Our projection for the cult-favorite “The Addams Family” pulls from the black-and-white television show of the 1960s with nods to the films of the 90s and recent Broadway installment. As the theme song would suggest, the design is spooky and full of kooky details. Spider webs adorn the ceiling of a mansion where cracked plaster exposes old wood. Interior rooms throughout the mansion are highlighted and a seamless production can be achieved through the use of our scenic projections which connect every scene.

Weather is vital to mounting a successful production of “The Addams Family.” What was once difficult to achieve through standard set design is simple through the use of scenic projections. Lightning strikes, ferocious winds blow, the chandelier swings and candles flicker out, all working together to provide an eerie experience for the viewer.

Due to the high-technical demands and countless unique settings, plotlines based off of movies and television shows are often problematic to convey to a theater audience. Ghosts appear throughout the show, interacting with actors. Scenes transition from the mansion graveyard to Central Park. Our projections allow theatres to eliminate multiple costly sets, reduce the number of backdrops needed and provide an interesting dynamic for actors to interact with supernatural forces.

The suggested scenic projections for the “The Addams Family” were developed in partnership with the Broadway Training Center of New York. Projections can be customized for set enhancement or complete set replacement. The most successful productions have integrated scenic projections as a cost-effective backdrop with built mansion interior to enhance to overall mood of the show.
Since its release hundreds of companies have brought “The Addams Family” to life with our projections, including Kensington Theatre Company who produced the show in fall of 2014 to rave reviews.

Scenic projections provide theatres with an incredible capacity for visual expression, creating a tangible piece of drama in which the mood of a show can be conveyed effortlessly to the audience.
  • Mansion Exterior
  • The Graveyard
  • The Great Hall
  • Mansion Rooms
  • Ghostly Animations
  • Central Park
  • Red Curtain Portraits
  • Animated Title Artwork
  • and more!