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Scenic projections help solve many problems theatres face when mounting live productions, especially the inability to convey a change in time, location or weather. At BMD we bring the cinematic element to the medium of theatre, absorbing audiences of all ages in the delivery. Our seamless projections are designed to run the entire length of a production and are tested at a host of amateur theatre venues. Projections are cut into queuable clips which can be placed into a timeline, allowing the client to simply press play.

More possible than ever before.

Simply put, projections are possible. More than 75% of theatres worldwide use front projection. This is accomplished in a few ways:

  1. Mount a projector above the actors and point a projector with a short-throw lens down, towards the surface and employ hardware keystone to size output correctly. Depending on the distance, this projection type can cast shadows. The best way to eliminate shadows is to place the projector as close to the surface as possible.
  2. Projectors with a short-throw lens work well for rear-projection, a projection style that requires at least 10′ from lens to surface.
  3. While a few theatres already use LED walls in their productions, we see this becoming affordable for most theatres within the next decade. Take a look at our hardware section for suggested configurations and, as always, contact us with any questions you have.
  • Front Projection
  • Rear Projection
  • LED Wall

Scenic Projections

Scenic projections are the heartbeat of who we are. Our projections enhance a theatre’s production by integrating custom visuals and replacing expensive, stagnant backdrops to enrich the theatrical experience for audiences.

Affordable Solutions

We provide access to compelling scenic projections of the same quality you’ll find on Broadway. We offer this first-rate content as a rental product, promoted at affordable rates, ensuring access to amateur theatres worldwide.

Cinematic Engagement

Scenic projections meld the perspective of film cinematography with the live aspect of theatre by highlighting theatrical moments with a stunning, impactful visual correspondence for audiences to experience and enjoy.

Innovative Hardware

When utilizing scenic projections, it is helpful to understand the integrated technological components. Our line of hardware eliminates any guesswork to successfully focus on the three core areas of: delivery, output, and surface.

"The projections look amazing! Can't wait for you to see them. Many thanks!"

Dallas Summer Musicals

"The projections created a production that impressed our audience."

Heritage High School

"Now that we have discovered your talents, you have a customer for life!"

Booker T. Washington High School

"Projections were a major success. Lots of 'How'd you do that?' from the audience!"

Pasadena City College

"Extremely happy! We've always used backdrops, and now will only use projections!"

Rockwall Summer Musicals

"A dazzling professional product offered at reasonable pricing and superior service!"

Music Theatre of Denton

Your trusted partner.

Our goal is to provide exceptional products at an outstanding price. Let our knowledgeable staff be your trusted partner in navigating the newest, coolest discipline in theatre.

Beautiful content.

Our scenic projections bridge the gap between theatre and cinema. We bring the perspective of film cinematography and apply it to theatre through stunning, easy-to-use scenic projections.

Join the conversation.

We are the only company providing the products we do, in the manner we do, for the community we’re focused on. We believe scenic projections are vital to the future of the theatrical medium.

Proven results.

Our content is thoroughly tested, ensuring seamless integration with your theatre’s performances. With our products, it’s painless technical theatre.

Innovative approach.

We distribute compelling and impactful scenic projections to engage audiences worldwide with cutting-edge, cinematic visual content.

Happy customers.

We distribute scenic projection content and audiovisual hardware to more than 2,500 educational and community-based theatres worldwide.

Scenic Projections for your upcoming production.

To engage today’s audiences and deliver a more realistic experience, theatres must incorporate the quality of visual dynamics the public has come to expect of their entertainment. Our scenic projections are a painless way to achieve this, resulting in an overall more life-like experience for theatre-goers. Our products offer a reliable way to tell timeless stories and thrill audiences.

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