Introducing a new video playback option! 

Hello everyone! Chance here with another super special edition of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!” Summertime is usually the opportunity for me and the other techs in the office to explore and expand our understanding of the various softwares and hardwares on the market that are conducive to BMD’s content. This past month I found a special little gem that works fairly well with BMD’s content: Mitti.

What is Mitti?

Mitti is a video playback software for Mac that allows for the cueing of video files for theatrical and live events. It is equipped with a fairly robust set of tools that theaters might find useful, but I won’t go into everything here. I’ll be sticking to how the software specifically works with BMD content. If you are interested in its other features I suggest you head over to the Mitti homepage and download the trial version for yourself!

What can Mitti do that other softwares/hardware can’t?

In terms of BMD’s content, there isn’t a ton of extra functionality that is unavailable to the competition. Rather, Mitti shines in how easy it is understand and create a show. It took me only a matter of a few hours to completely build one of BMD’s shows, having never looked at the software before! This is mainly due to the way it lays out its toolset.



Here we can see a cue in the cue list. Looking at the toolset at the bottom, it should be quite apparent how easy it is to manipulate the media. With the press of a button you can set it to hold at the final frame, fade in/out, loop, or add a wide variety of transition and video effects. Once you understand how these tools affect the media, it becomes a matter of rinse and repeat with all of the files. This gives you a completed show very quickly.

What are the downsides to Mitti?

While very nice, Mitti isn’t perfect for BMD’s content. There are a few key features that are missing, such as the ability to crossfade with a trigger press or devamping. However, Mitti gives you just enough tools to be able to work around this with a little extra finesse. It may also require additional button presses during a live performance, but again you can program in a way to make this unnecessary.

Bundling Cue Lists

Like ProPresenter and QLab, once your show is complete you can bundle it and send it to any other Mac for playback. It creates a file for the workspace and a folder for all of the associated media. Once opened, the user can simply begin pressing GO.



Costs and Recommendations

Mitti currently costs $299 USD for a purchased license, or $79 USD for a month long rental. This puts it quite a bit cheaper than its competitors, which can be nice when dealing with strict budgets.

However, if you are an expert in QLab it is hard to recommend this over QLab. What Mitti provides is a much easier to use program at the cost of functionality. So, if you’re new to the world of video playback and are looking to create a simple show, go with Mitti. If you already have QLab and understand all of its intricacies, then stick with that.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ve found another option that may work with your theater! Ultimately more playback options on the market is a net positive for the Scenic Projections world as a whole, and Mitti is no exception to that!

chance_thumbnailCHANCE CROFT, Support Technician

Chance is from Visalia, California and grew up performing in theatre. He attended California State University, Fullerton, where he studied theatre, focusing on theatre technology and education. If he wasn’t BMD’s awesome Support Technician, he’d likely be a voiceover artist (he has a very deep voice). He enjoys video games and finding new restaurants in town. Chance lives in Fresno, California with his girlfriend Sam, his two cats and his dog Lady. His favorite musical is Seussical.

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