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November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving From BMD!

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Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holidays, because it gives us a chance to reflect on how quickly another year has gone by, just before settling into the chaos that comes with preparing for Christmas and the New Year. Thanksgiving also tends to come with a well-known history lesson of very different groups of people coming together for a meal, an appreciation for family…

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We Would Love To Hear From You, California!

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One of my favorite things about my job is learning about each client, as well as their theatre and their community, because community plays such an important role in theatre! Whether taken as a school elective, club, or extracurricular activity; often times the success of the program reflects the support of the community. Many community organizations put on fundraiser shows and free shows for kids. Schools…

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Behind the Lens: PC Output Options – Vmix and ProPresenter

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Chance here with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!” One of the questions I’ve been getting recently is why we don’t support more PC based playback software, and so that is what we will be covering today. Let me begin by saying that I am, by no means, affiliated with or a master of the software programs I am about to address,…

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“Bye Bye Birdie” Scenic Projections™

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One of the things we love about musicals is that they all have their own feel and charm. A musical doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be popular, and many shows which were once performed on Broadway, are now admired only amongst educational settings and amateur theatres. We love hearing how smaller theatres can take a show that Broadway has long left behind,…

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Behind the Lens: Understanding Playback Technology

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Chance here with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series, “Behind the Lens!” Playback options: why it is so imperative that you understand the technology you are working with? The two main options we’ll discuss here are QLab, which is arguably the best software option for projections, and ImageCue, which is a hardware alternative that BMD provides and services directly. First, Qlab is a very…

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Be Thankful This Holiday Season

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      Thanksgiving is right around the corner! The holiday season is my favorite time of year, not only because of the pumpkin spiced lattes, autumn colors, and amazing weather, but also because I have the opportunity to spend time with all of my family and friends. Life can get hectic, and sometimes it can be nice to slow down and remember all that…

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Behind the Lens: Video Blog #1

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BMD Behind the Lens #1: Surfaces and Projectors from Broadway Media Distribution on Vimeo. SUMMARY:  When it comes to incorporating new technology into a production, many people have concerns on how to make it work. This is why we started our new tech blog and video series, “Behind The Lens”, as a way to help our existing and future clients get some of their questions…

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Modern Technical Theatre

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Theatres are constantly exploring new and creative ways of producing a unique show, most of which is attainable through advancements in science and technology. Not only do we see benefits in the effects on stage, but also in roles played, and increased acknowledgement received. Since 2010, it has become increasingly common to have a dedicated “video designer” or “projection specialist” as a part of production teams….

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Behind the Lens: Getting The Correct Lumens Count

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Chance here, with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!” Many clients are under the assumption that there is a laundry list of technical specs required in a projector in order for it to work in their space. Our clients find much relief once they realize that this isn’t always the case.  All we recommend is that the projector chosen can project…

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James and The Giant Peach

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 Theatre performances all start with a specific vision, one that creates the foundation for the design and feel of the production. When a client comes to us with a certain vision in mind for their show, it becomes our mission to bring that vision to the stage. With this in mind, BMD recently formed a partnership with SilverStage Productions LLC, a sister company to BMD,…

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