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October 2016

What Role Do You Play?

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Like many careers, theatre provides a plethora of career opportunities, all with equally important roles. Thanks to theatre education, many thespians have the opportunity to try various roles before they choose which career path to take. Regardless of your chosen role within a company, from scenic designer and prop master, to lighting designer and tech director, it is important to work together to produce a…

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Happy Halloween From BMD!

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Halloween is an exciting time in theatre, as it is one of the most theatrical of American Holidays. Each year, people from all over dress up with costumes and makeup, making reality seem a little more make believe. Large cities like Hollywood/Los Angeles, London, and New York, take Halloween to a whole new level with haunted productions, stage horror, and interactive showings of their favorite,…

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Scenic Projections for Modern Musicals

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              In my last blog, I discussed show packages for classical musicals, which are still being widely produced today.  Classical musicals are the entity that have made musical theatre the form of entertainment we all love, and also what opened the door for newer and more modern musicals to thrive. Broadway now features many modern shows that are becoming increasingly popular, partly due to…

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Benefits of Projections

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Digital Scenic projections™ are the forefront of the new wave of innovation in scenic design. They provide custom settings, easy storage, and make a great addition to any stage. Projections help bring your show to life by offering a new and exciting way to tell your story, while encouraging greater audience engagement. At BMD, we are committed to bringing this form of technology to theatres…

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Behind The Lens: Creative Projection Surfaces

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Chance here, with another addition to BMD’s tech focused blog series, “Behind the Lens!”. One of the practical features of using projections, as opposed to traditional scenery or backdrops, is the ability to project anywhere. The use of scenic projections™ isn’t dependent on a specific type of space or backdrop. As long as you have a projection surface and a little bit of space, scenic…

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What’s Popular? – Classical Musicals Still Being Produced Today!

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One of the exciting parts of involvement in musical theatre is the opportunity to pick which shows your organization will be producing. With the fall season now in full swing, many theatres are looking forward into which shows they will be producing this winter and next spring. At BMD, we are here to help!             According to research, budget is one of the key factors…

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Behind the Lens: Incorporating Projections With Scenery

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 Chance here, with another edition of BMD’s tech blog series, “Behind the Lens!”. Today, I am going to talk about a widely debated topic: incorporating projections with scenery. To address this issue, we will have to look at the production as more than a tech. When trying to incorporate a new discipline in theatre, it helps to approach the idea as an artist, rather than…

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Behind the Lens: Adding Credits to BMD’s Animated Content

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Chance here with another installment of BMD’s tech blog series “Behind the Lens!”. One request that I’ve been getting recently is that many high schools want to add projected credits to the end of a production, much like a movie. Using the ImageCue hardware, and BMD’s high quality content, you will have no problem making the show look like a real cinematic experience! The first thing…

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More possible than ever before.

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Friends, At BMD our goal is to provide theatres worldwide with a quality product at an outstanding price. Founded in 2013 in Fresno, California, we are a family-owned-and-operated business built on three core principles – trust, value and hard work. We deliver scenic projections of the same quality as any professional stage for a fraction of the price. We make scenic projections a truly affordable…

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Bigger Shows on a Smaller Budget!

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At BMD, we are dedicated to the advancement of and theatre, and are constantly striving to find ways to help theatres yield successful productions. Research shows that there are many different elements which could potentially impact the future of theatre. Amongst these topics, the most discussed are, as Theatre Communications Group puts it, Cash & Culture. In regards to Culture, one of the many issues…

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