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September 2016

Traditional Backdrops or Digital Scenery?

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Friends, At BMD, our goal is to expand the impact theatre has on audiences. It’s what we’ve been striving to accomplish since we started in 2013. Collaborating with theatre experts we develop an easy-to-use projection series that supports and improves the storytelling of any live performance. Our high-quality projections enhance a theatre’s production by integrating a custom animated visual component. The use of these projections…

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Stand out From the Rest with BMD’s Scenic Projections™!

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Part of what we love to do at BMD is help theatres bring new energy to their productions. We work with theatregroups regardless of their budget size, ensuring that every production is engaging, meaningful and compelling. There are hundreds of musicals available to choose from when brainstorming which shows to produce next season. With some research, we found a small number of ‘popular’ shows that…

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Las Vegas you say?

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We had a great time attending the EdTA National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was nice seeing those familiar faces blown away at how much we have grown as a company and how impressed everyone was with our new booth setup. There is a growing level of excitement for scenic projections™ and we’re honored to be leading the industry in the amateur market!  Outside of the…

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Behind the Lens: How to Avoid Shadows

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Chance here with another edition of BMD’s blog series “Behind the Lens!”. During my time at the Educational Theatre Association’s National Conference in Las Vegas in September 2016, there was one major question that everyone had on their minds: “How do I prevent my actors from casting shadows on the projection surface?” Fear not, as this is actually a much simpler fix than you may…

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Fall 2016 New Releases!

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Announcing our newest release of scenic projections show packages for: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King Jr., Peter Pan and Little Mermaid We help small theatres achieve high-quality productions in an affordable way. By collaborating with theatre experts we’ve developed easy-to-use projections that support and improve the storytelling of any live performance. By integrating animated visuals, our scenic projections replace expensive, expected backdrops and effortlessly…

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Debunking your biggest fears…

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Projection in theatre is becoming more and more common. You’d be hard pressed to find a show on Broadway that doesn’t utilize some type of projection technology. As with any new technology, each first impression is equally matched with excitement and fear. Advancing our capability to add new and exciting visuals to a theatrical performing is coupled with the reality of learning new tools. Here’s…

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Behind the Lens: Learning to Cue Content with ImageCue

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Are you new to the world of animated scenic projections? That’s okay, I’m here to help! Hi, Chance Croft here, BMD’s Support Technician. This is my first installment of a new series called “Behind the Lens”, a collection of my thoughts and discoveries in the world of projection design and technology. Dealing with new technology can seem scary to the uninitiated, but fear not! It…

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Don’t Fall Behind – Projections are the Future!

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Have you recently found yourself wondering how to add some extra energy to your production? If so, you aren’t alone. Many theatres are faced with the challenge of keeping audiences engaged, especially with the changing demographic of the average theatregoer. Today’s audience demands the cinematic, engaging and interactive elements of video content as an integrated form of production design. Enter, BMD. We are the industry leader in scenic projection…

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QLab or ImageCue?

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Friends, At BMD we make first-rate scenic projections affordable and accessible to amateur theatres worldwide. By combining the art form of scenic design with state-of-the-art technology and excellent animations, we create a stunning piece of drama with the ability to convey the story’s mood to an audience, as well as draw expression back from them. By projecting images and animations, the literal and figurative setting…

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Thanks for Making My Job Awesome

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Hi, I’m Gina, an Account Manager at BMD. If you’re a current customer, we’ve probably spoken at some point. If you’re considering working with us and using scenic projections in an upcoming production, I hope we get to speak soon! As an account manager, I am the liaison between our company and yours. It’s important to me  that I make a difference in your experience with scenic…

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