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ImageCue LLC

Playback doesn’t come simpler than the ImageCue! An innovative playback device that displays images and videos, the ImageCue is controlled by a DMX lighting console and eliminates the need for a computer to present scenic projections. If you can program a lighting console, you can program the ImageCue – our recommended device for projection playback.

ImageCue™ is a compact, easy to use image server that provides control of high definition still images and videos with only twelve channels of DMX512. Each ImageCue™ includes a library of 255 images and videos. In addition, users can supply their own images and videos using a USB flash drive or external solid state drive to provide access to over 65,000 image and video files. ImageCue™ is fast – images and videos are selected and displayed/played in less than a quarter of a second.
You can instantly “bump” from image to image, image to video, video to video, or video to image. Still images can also be crossfaded – with crossfade times of ½ second to 109 minutes in 1/10 second increments. ImageCue™ accepts JPEG files for still images, and H264 (AVI) video files. PNG files with transparency can be overlaid onto images and videos. A software utility to convert user content to H264 is available for the following video file types: MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, and VOB. ImageCue™ gives the user full RGB mixing control of the background, and the color mixing can also be used in the foreground to tint images and videos. Full dimming control is provided for the output. ImageCue™ provides the power and elegance to select and display images and videos from your DMX512 lighting console, without the complexity of a media server.

Is your lighting console compatible with ImageCue? View approved lightboards here.

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