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Aspect Ratio:
16:9 and 4:3
Projection Style:
Front and Rear

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Official Music Theatre International Authorized Product

Music Theatre International

For the fast-paced musical “Catch Me If You Can,” we celebrated the beautiful simplicity of flat design, allowing more room for fun, lively animations that keep stride with this extensive storyline. By merging retro colors, shapes and architecture with flat design, our projections inhabit and revel in 1960s culture, capturing the youthful wisdom this show has to offer. Modeled after the 2002 movie and inspired by the inventive staging of the 2011 Broadway production, our projections interact with the show’s high-energy songs, featuring animated scenery that plays off of the lyrics. Our projections work as an overall set replacement, representing every scene and unique setting.

Settings Included:

  • FBI headquarters
  • "TV studio" special
  • Hospital room
  • Apartment interior
  • New Rochelle home
  • New York exterior
  • Travel sequences
  • Various transitions
  • Bar interior
  • Shooting range

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BMD offers various features as displayed in the chart below, providing an affordable option for every theatre with an initial 4-week rental period.Please click here or call BMD at 1 (800) 277-0343 to recieve a no-obligation custom quote for your organization with exact pricing for the Catch Me If You Can Scenic Projections.

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Please contact Music Theatre International for the Catch Me If You Can Scenic Projections licensing and ordering information. BMD is available to provide general information about the product and to assist with any technical questions your team may have. To place an order, please contact Music Theatre International. If you have any questions, you can call our office at 1-800-277-0343.