Projector Terminology, explained

Did you know that BMD also rents and sells projectors and accessories that are made for the stage? We’re with you every step of the way and work with all of our customers to ensure an understanding of the hardware for smooth tech and an overall successful production! Here are a few basic terms to know when looking into a projector and understanding its features:

Throw Ratio:The relationship between the distance of your projector from the screen and the size of the image it creates.

Your desired image size x throw ratio = distance the projector needs to be hung

Aspect ratio: The ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen (Our projections follow the standard 16:9).

Short-throw projectors: Has a throw ratio less than 1, and therefore can be placed closer to the projection surface and project large images. The risk of shadows is eliminated due to its close placement to the projection surface.

Long-throw projectors: Has a throw ratio Can be placed further away from the projection surface, traditionally at the back of the theatre or the center of the ceiling

Lumens: Lumens equal brightness! The higher the lumen count the brighter the image.

Playback: The control software or hardware used to cue and deliver images and videos to your projector. Your method of playback also allows you to adjust the timing of cues to fit your show’s needs.

Front Projection: Your projector is placed facing the stage and the projected image is reflected off of your projection surface.

Rear Projections: Your projector is placed backstage and the projected image is diffused through the material of your projection surface.

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