With You Every Step of the Way!

Hi folks, Pat the Account Manager here again! I wanted to reach out and break down everything that goes on behind the scenes here at BMD to ensure that you have a great production when you work with us. I might have mentioned this before but I’ll say it again, we’re not just sending you a product and leaving you to figure it all out on your own.

When you work with BMD you are receiving a service; the full backing of a knowledgeable Support Team. You should never feel like you’ve been left to figure all the ins-and-outs of this brilliant new technology. We have put in the time in the office to make sure no matter what questions you have we can answer them. Our expectation is that you have a great show. Our goal is that you come back and work with us again and that we build a trusting relationship!

First things first, every client that reaches out to BMD (or our licensing partners) is vetted to ensure that digital projections are something that will work in the space that you’re performing in. We’ve worked with traditional theatres, black boxes, “cafateriums”– everything! The most important part of this initial interaction is that we gather as much information as possible so that we can offer the best support that we can. Don’t leave anything out!

Once our validation process is over and we’ve collected all the necessary information about your school or organization, we get to the legal stuff. It is crucial that you review all documentation carefully before signing. I know that it can be tedious and/or daunting to go over legal documents, I get it, we’re theatre people, not lawyers! However, I feel like before making any kind of significant purchase it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. If you’d like we can go over any questions that you might have over the phone. Once you sign, you’re stuck with us!

After all the paperwork is out of the way we get to the fun stuff; you finally receive the files for your show! Before you receive the media I highly recommend setting up an appointment to have a little one on one time with our Technicians. No question is too big or too small. Call us if you have technical questions at and speak to our team at any point in your production (if it’s a show opening emergency we also have a 24-hour response number). If email is your best form of communication a simple message to help@bwymedia will more than suffice.

I think the most important thing I’d like to get across is that we are always available. You should never feel like you have to figure out something on your own. Whatever your problem may be we can help you solve it. The world of projections is brand new and rapidly growing, even the most experienced production team may not have much experience dealing with digital media. We’re here to help ease that learning curve. Because we can’t be all over the world with our clients (as awesome as that’d be) we’re reliant on you for all the data that we compile on your production. Our goal is to bring an exciting and polished element to your show. The more time we have to work together, the better the overall outcome will be. I never want you to feel as if you’re alone or that you can’t reach us. It’s quite the opposite! We’re patiently waiting to help you in any way that we can.

PAT NALTY, Account Manager

Pat hails from sunny SoCal, (San Diego to be exact) where he grew up playing basketball and performing theatre in high school. He attended Fresno State University where he majored in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in acting. If he wasn’t an account manager for BMD he’d probably be a basketball coach (think Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, etc). He resides in Clovis, California, with his wife, three children and his American Bulldog, Marshmallow. His favorite musical is Thoroughly Modern Millie or anything Sutton Foster is in.