ShowStream: Content capture for live streaming is here.

Broadway Media is proud to unveil our new platform to capture your performance with our a new line of theatrical tools and resources for virtual readings and staged performances. 

We believe theatre enriches people’s lives, and Broadway Media is dedicated to breaking down boundaries to this art form, to give everyone that singular, shared experience we treasure. Previously, outstanding streamed productions have been exclusive to big-budget producers and cultural institutions – imagine the work you see on Broadway HD, or National Theatre Live. Now that’s available to you. 

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Our Apps

ShowStream for Desktop


  • Record your video as well as livestream. Your livestream can record directly to your computer.
  • Switch between up to eight cameras, live. Easily crop, resize, rotate, and adjust each camera as you like.
  • Add layers to your broadcast. Include text, images, pre-recorded videos, audio files, and more.
  • Take control of your audio. With an intuitive mixer, effects, and noise controls.

Designed to make a fantastic streaming event simple, it puts the audience experience in the hands of the director. Giving you the tools you need for a truly absorbing theatrical production, online. ShowStream is all about taking control of the quality of your audio and video with mixer tools, noise controls and support for up to 8 cameras (with the option to edit, cue and move between them). Switching between cameras for different angles , similar to a television broadcast, is as simple as just the click of your mouse. 

ShowStream for iOS

The easiest way to implement your live streamed performance.


  • Easy to use with quick set up
  • Basic controls such as rear/front camera and mute

This version is slimmed-down, easy-to-implement, and all you need is an iPhone or iPad. Choose between the front or rear cameras for a flexible set up. For one-person shows, engaging the front-facing camera allows you to control what you’re doing and perform. Using the rear camera gives your operator the ability to make a clean, clear presentation, with the added benefit of using iPhone and iPad’s robust camera technology. With the mute function,, block out unwanted noise for quiet moments, and make sure your production starts exactly when you want it to. Control your flashlight from within the app to overcome lighting irregularities wherever you are performing. 

ShowStream for Mac, PC and iOS works with all Online Video Providers and ticketing companies- input your unique Access Key and you’re ready to stream!

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Resources for Online Readings

Video Backdrops

To help you play anywhere, we’ve developed an exciting new line of video backgrounds for use on streaming platforms like Zoom, as part of our new at-home lineup we’ve called MyStage. Pick from a large line-up of animated video backgrounds to use for your virtual readings to bring a little bit of theatre magic to your virtual reading presentation. You can use our MyStage virtual backgrounds in your streamed readings. Make remote performing more fun, with MyStage backgrounds.

Review the backdrop collections, here. 

Home Streaming Hardware

We're introducing a line of hardware kits for at-home virtual readings that include powerful cameras, lighting, and green screens so your virtual backdrops can really shine. 

Explore the home studio kits, here. 

Hardware kits for Staged Performances

We’re excited to release our range of streaming hardware. With different solutions based on experience-level and budget, there’s something for everyone to integrate streaming into your upcoming plans.

For mobile set ups, we’re making available all the hubs, stands, cables and connectors you need, with detailed instructions that will get you connected and streaming in a matter of minutes. 

Check out our Essentials Kits

For camera streaming, we’re making available incredible rigs for a low weekly rental price that will work flawlessly with ShowStream. Giving you the ability to make a world-class streaming presentation for your audiences. We can’t wait to see cross-discipline collaboration in schools – what an incredible experience your theatre and filmography departments will have working together.

Check out our Camera Kits

Everything comes in the box, ready to go. No additional hardware purchases or add-ons required.

Streaming Assistance

When it comes to implementing live streaming in your performance, our support team will be here to answer any of your questions, and we are providing a comprehensive library of understandable how-to videos for each step of the process. Access is available to each customer after purchase on your Broadway Media Account. Simply log in, go to How To, and the videos will be there waiting for you, so that when your hardware or software arrives, you’ll be ready to go.

We hope you are as excited about the possibilities of capturing your live streamed performance as we are. We can’t wait to see what you do to create an incredible live experience for your audiences! no doubt that we’ll see an intimate, immediate streaming presentation that celebrates what we all love about theatre. Through our new line of theatrical tools and resources for virtual readings and staged performances, we remain committed to theatremakers, and the theatre you create. 

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