Nun-thing Short of Fabulous!

Bullets fly and Deloris Van Cartier is put into protective custody in the one place no one would ever suspect to find a disco-diva...a convent! Disguised as a nun, Deloris uses her unique disco flare to spark life into the Church’s choir. Based on the hit 1992 film, Sister Act is a feel-good musical comedy about raising your voice and the power of sisterhood. With roles for women of all ages paired with a disco and gospel score by Alan Menken, this show is perfect for any high school or community theatre!

Without the movie magic of cuts and multiple takes, how can your production of Sister Act have that special cinematic touch? Sister Act travels from the vibrant nightlife of the 70s to the holy walls of the Church. Building each individual setting listed in the script can be expensive and require manpower to move on and offstage. Instead of having your audience sit through prolonged scene transitions, you can keep up the pace of this lively show with seamless transitions at the press of a button.

BMD’s Sister Act ScenicProjections answers the call with simple, cost-effective, cinematic scene changes at your fingertips. For example:

Deloris accidentally witnesses Curtis take out one of his informants, who is secretly an undercover police officer. Deloris screams, revealing herself from the shadows, and Curtis immediately sends his thugs after her. Curtis’ men chase Deloris, and she loses them upon reaching the Police Station.

Solution: With a simple click of the cue button, Deloris can escape pursuit offstage and then reenter, reaching safety within the walls of the Police Station.

Watch Act 1 Scene 3Street to Police Station

With Scenic Projections follow Deloris Van Cartier turn sassy sinner to choir leading sister. Check out our Scenic Projection Show Package for your upcoming production of Sister Act.