Meet RJ Atkins

Hello everyone! We have a new member joining the Broadway team and I had the opportunity to sit down and ask him a few questions so that you could get to know him as well. Russell “RJ” Atkins is going to be the new Account Manager here at BMD and I’m excited for him to introduce himself to all of our wonderful clients and step alongside production teams around the world to help bring scenic projections to everyone.

So I have to ask you 10 questions. I want to start strong and finish strong; what’s your name?

Russell Atkins, “RJ”. Two Ss, two Ls.

Where are you from?

Fresno, CA. Born and raised. Graduated from Hoover High.

If you weren’t an Account Manager- if you were doing a job unrelated to sales at all what would you be doing?

Stand-up comedy, definitely.

What’s your favorite show, musical or straight play?

I don’t know if I have one show that stands out more than others. I’m a big fan of Arthur Miller.

Really? Death of a Salesman?

[He laughs] Um, maybe not that one. That’s a little too ironic- a little too on the nose.

Do you have any pets?

Oh yeah. Four dogs. Harlow, Blue, Carlie and then I foster Labs so that fourth one is always revolving.

When/how did you get your start in theater?

I started doing theater in high school. I acted a little bit but I spent most of my time doing lights and stage management. I was also on the improv team.

What do you do in your spare time?

I consume media. Consume.

What are your go-to media platforms?

Netflix, obviously. Youtube, podcast, etc.

What’s a hidden talent you have that I can now share with the world via this questionnaire?

I paint. I’m not very good. [He then proceeded to bust out his phone and show me some of his work. It was good. Watercolors and a mural on his wall at home.]

No interview is complete without asking what your favorite food is. So, what’s your favorite food?

Pizza. Pineapple with pepperoni from More Than Pizza (an awesome pizza place here in Fresno).

GIve me one more closing nugget. There’s no pressure to be entertaining here but entertain us.

I once owned a car that I named Benzel Washington.

Benzel? With a B?


Got it.

PAT NALTY, Account Manager

Pat hails from sunny SoCal, (San Diego to be exact) where he grew up playing basketball and performing theatre in high school. He attended Fresno State University where he majored in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in acting. If he wasn’t an account manager for BMD he’d probably  a basketball coach (think Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, etc). He resides in Clovis, California, with his wife, three children and his Ameican Bulldog, Marshmallow. His favorite musical is Thoroughly Modern Millie or anything Sutton Foster is in.