Disney's Frozen JR. Scenic Projections at Woodruff Middle School, NJ.

We absolutely adored using the BMD Frozen JR. animated backdrops for our Spring Musical in 2019. The set up for the projections was easy and with just a few quick clicks we were able to have the projections up and on the stage. Our production took the projections and used them as an extension of the stage. 

For instance in the Coronation, we were able to use that projection as the front of the church and extend the actors down into the audience to appear as if they were sitting as guests. At various points of the show we used the projections as the front of the room that extended through into the audience creating an immersive feel and having the actions occurring around the audience. The animated backdrops gave new life to Elsa’s journey climbing the mountain and creating her ice palace, and made transitions easier with the animated zooming in and out in certain scenes. What we really enjoyed was that the animated special effects of Elsa’s powers, coupled with some stage effects truly brought some “Disney magic” into our Junior production. 

Our school cafetorium is tiny and all of the animated effects of the scenic projections helped us create the scene more without cluttering the stage or use of a lot of stage effects. Having many of these things built into the scenic projections truly gave us the ability to focus on the actors and choreography with minimal set needs. That allowed us to have more performers on stage. For instance, in the song “In Summer”, having the animated scenic projections allowed us to provide our dancers and Olaf more ability to move and not have to move a lot of pieces in and out to go from the snow to the beach and back. 

For a program with a small stage but large ensemble, these little details made the show much more manageable. We absolutely love the details that BMD’s scenic projections provide and look forward to using them in all our shows.

Spencer Lau serves as the Director of Music for Woodruff Middle School. His program has piloted Elf JR. for MTI, the new adaptation of Aladdin JR. for Disney Theatrical Group, and the premiere of Disney's Lion King JR. Members of his program have worked with iTheatrics, performed at Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway events, Off-Broadway shows, multiple TV shows and movies, national print, and commercial ads. Mr. Lau serves as a clinician, presenter, music education advocate and guest writer for multiple outlets.

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