Chatting with David Stone

Hey everyone! Caitlyn, your Community Manager here! I just interviewed David Stone, our client who recently worked with our Addams Family Scenic Projections at Highland Hills Middle School.

David, what did you enjoy most about using BMD’s projections?

The content itself is so well done and the images are absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the seamlessness from scene to another scene as well because it made the show far less choppy.

How did the audience react to the Scenic Projections?

Without fail, everyone I talked to said “Oh yeah, the show was great. Tell me more about the animation and the backdrop.” We are the first school to do a full show with projections in our area so everyone was in awe.

How did you cue the show and was that an easy process?

We used the ImageCue media playback device!

Did you encounter any technical mishaps during your use of projections? If so, how did you overcome them?

Once we learned how to time it perfectly, it was okay. We had the wrong cue sheet because we bought the full show, but were performing the Y@P version which caused minor hiccups, but nothing we couldn’t fix. We had to pull scenes out, but it was easy to program along with the light cues. Cutting the scenes was easy for us to do,    since you could pick and choose.

Are there any tips that you would give a theatre trying this for the first time?

Talk to BMD’s professionals. I had the most contact with Chance, he has been so great! Also, you want to make sure to just spend the money on a good projector. It is worth it so your images are nice, colorful, and crisp; rather than faded and dull.

Will you use Scenic Projections again in the future? Why?

Oh absolutely! We are doing Mary Poppins Jr. next year and plan to work with BMD!

Why would you come back to BMD?

The ease: it was so seamless! We didn’t have to hold for scene changes and we didn’t need to build a whole set. Our tech director was so relieved to just add in smaller set pieces rather than an entire set! We build huge sets, but with this beautiful backdrop, you don’t have to do all of that. It just made it so much easier all around. It made our production better and you can’t beat the price!! I really can’t say enough.

Why did you choose to go with BMD for projections?

I’ve never used projections for a show before because it seemed like a technical nightmare. But with this show, I could not find any painted backdrops for Addams Family in April. Then TRW contacted me and said “Hey, you might want to look into this! We partner with a company that can provide Scenic Projections.”.

I didn’t know about you at all, but once I did it was a no brainer. I knew this is gonna be it. And honestly, it’s what has worked best for us and our space. I think this was one of the best shows we’ve ever done because we didn’t have to stress about backdrops. The show came together so seamless and easily, due to not having any big technical issues.

Had you worked with projections before? If so what was your experience with them?

This was my first experience using projections in this manner. I’ve used them in smaller shows.

Would you recommend working with BMD?

I already have! I’ve showed other people my production photos and when they ask about my backdrops, I tell them BMD! I say just go there and you'll be taken care of. This is really the way of the future.


Caitlyn was born and raised in Fresno, California. She grew up performing in choir, dance, and theatre. Caitlyn spends her time at BMD working with theatres around the globe to ensure successful productions. Customers may find Caitlyn across the internet, as an active voice in theatre community forums and social media. She also attends trade conferences and sponsored events on behalf of the company. Outside of BMD, Caitlyn enjoys spending time her two dogs, traveling, and reading. If she wasn’t a Community Manager at BMD, she would likely be performing on the stage. Her favorite musical is a toss-up between RENT and Spring Awakening.