BMD's in Good Company with GCP

Hey everyone! Caitlyn, your Community Manager here! Along with working at BMD, I perform around the Central Valley in theater productions as well. Currently, you can catch me on stage as Sophie in Mamma Mia! and BMD designed our fantastic projections! I had the unique opportunity to speak with my director, stage manager, and a cast-mate about their experience with scenic projections.

So Dan (Dan Pessano, Director) what made you decide to go with projections for this production?

Quentin Sanford, a GCP alumn, suggested that this might be a chance to work together on Mamma Mia! BMD is top of the line in theatrical projections so it was like Christmas in March. To be honest, I wouldn’t have done projections without professional help because our space is so unique and the problem solving with height, width and depth are unlike any “normal” stage. The results have been great!

What made you realize BMD was the company you needed to go with?

Reputation, and we are lucky enough to be close so meeting in their office were a bonus. I brought snacks! Fundamentally, if you have not used projections before you need experts to start you off right. They answered all our questions!

What was it like working with the company directly to customize your show?

The best part of working with BMD, besides the staff, was the fact that our show was their show. They had equal pride and expectation in the end result. We both wanted it to be perfect.

So Dave (Dave Filipczak, Stage Manager), have you worked with projections like these before? If so, how do BMD’s differ in quality and in operation?

I have never worked with projections in this manner. In the past, any of our projections were plain Powerpoint-type projections which were simple single pictures or words. Nothing like the moving ocean or hundreds of postcards.

You work with the projections every day but from off stage- how would you describe that experience?

It has been a breeze. In the past, any projections or videos that we used were powered off of an iPad that had to be accessed separately with lighting cues. With this show we cued all the projections from our light board with an ImageCue so that everything ran together seamlessly.

How easy has it been to operate the projections?

As I mentioned before, it’s been very easy. From someone that has never worked as a stage manager before to those of us that have stage-managed too many times, the learning curve is easy. Push the button at the correct time and you have a great looking show.

Lastly, I reached out to my cast-mate Marcus Cardenas about what it was like as an actor working with projections on-stage for the first time.

From an actors perspective, how would you describe your experience with BMD?

BMD was stand-out with their advanced knowledge on theatrical technology. Our Mama Mia projections were cinematic without being distracting from the magic of live theatre. They are truly advancing today's theatre.

Did you have to adapt what you did throughout the show to work around the projections? If so, what did you have to do differently?

The biggest adjustment was where we had to stand so that we didn’t blind ourselves or create shadows. It was never a big issue, we just had to become more aware of making sure we weren't too close to where the projection were hitting. 


Caitlyn was born and raised in Fresno, California. She grew up performing in choir, dance, and theatre. Caitlyn spends her time at BMD working with theatres around the globe to ensure successful productions. Customers may find Caitlyn across the internet, as an active voice in theatre community forums and social media. She also attends trade conferences and sponsored events on behalf of the company. Outside of BMD, Caitlyn enjoys spending time her two dogs, traveling, and reading. If she wasn’t a Community Manager at BMD, she would likely be performing on the stage. Her favorite musical is a toss-up between RENT and Spring Awakening.