BMD takes Europe!

Recently, I sat down with BMD’s Director of Accounts Patrick Nalty, Vice President of Operations Laura Facciani, and President/Founder Quentin Sanford to discuss their recent trip to London, New York, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Here are some highlights:

Can you name some of the international partners we work with?

Patrick: Sure! The major partnerships we have are with MTI-Europe and TRW-Great Britain.

Quentin: Not to mention, a few exciting new companies that we can't discuss publicly yet. These new Europe partners will expand the reach and scope of Scenic Projections and BMD, ensuring more theatre across the globe have access to Broadway-Quality content!

Why was it important for you to go?

Laura: There’s just something about that face-to-face connection that we don’t get too much of! To really be able to work overseas, we needed to venture out to learn the market and how different it is.

Quentin: We have a growing base of international customers, and we need to understand what is important to them as a customer base. We wanted to meet with our partners and help them with materials, to ensure the best quality service to our customers in all regions of the world. And it doesn’t hurt to see great theatre across the world and better understand the discipline itself!

What did you learn about the market we work with?

Patrick: Here in the US, we normally work with secondary schools, but the schools in the U.K. and greater Europe don’t really focus on theatre in the same way, so most of our amateur customers will likely be more community theatres. We also learned that the most popular shows vary from place to place within the various regions.

Laura: It was interesting to study the differences in theatre rental seasons, timing of productions and the stage setups.

What are you excited about for the future?

Patrick: BMD being a true worldwide leader! I would love to get to further our connections and go back to Europe. I am excited to set a standard of Broadway-Quality worldwide, like we do here at BMD-USA.

Quentin: It’s very exciting to learn how we can adapt our products to ensure perfect application on all stages.

Here are some fun photos from the trip!: