Big, Bright & Beautiful: Inside Shrek The Musical ScenicProjections

“Once upon a time, there lived an ogre named Shrek. One night, Shrek’s swamp is taken over by fairytale misfits, banished by a short-tempered ruler. To get his swamp back, he journeys with a chatterbox donkey to save a princess, imprisoned by a fire-breathing dragon. This unconventional fairytale calls for an unlikely hero to end happily ever after.”

Shrek the Musical is side-splitting fun for the entire family! Through creative costume design and even the use of puppetry, fans of the animated film instantly recognize their favorite characters. An equally creative set for each fantasy location doesn’t need to break your show budget or take weeks to build. Our Shrek Scenic Projection Package transforms your space into a straight-from-a-storybook world, while helping you overcome the challenges of achieving the cinematic transitions in the script.

Scenic Projections offer solutions to extravagant settings and actions listed in the script. For example, you can’t have a fire-breathing dragon without fire, but with the press of a button, fire bursts through the castle gates and your trio escapes to safety.

Act 1 Scene 9 - Fiona's Tower

Fiona’s transformation takes place every night at sunset. Rather than flooding your stage with blue spotlights and losing the faces of your actors, at the press of a button, the sun slowly sets in the distance and your Fiona can disappear into the Old Barn for the night.

Act 2 Scene 3 - Old Barn

In the final scene, Fiona transforms into an ogre in the middle of her wedding ceremony. Disgusted by her appearance, her groom to be, Lord Farquaad threatens to have her locked up in the tower from where she came.

(Suddenly, the rose window behind the altar SHATTERS. THE DRAGON bursts her head in. The DRAGON blasts Farquaad with her fire breath.)

Act 2 Scene 9 - Cathedral

Press ‘Go’ and right before your audience’s eyes, BMD’s Scenic Projections animate the action just as it is described in the script. Saving the time, energy and money it would’ve taken to build a stained glass window that can be destroyed and put back together again for each performance.

Shrek the Musical is perfect for all ages! Check out our Scenic Projections Show Packages for your upcoming production(s) of Shrek the Musical, Shrek JR., or Shrek TYA.