BMD makes it easy and affordable to integrate beautifully crafted, Broadway quality media into live performances. 

Based in Central California, Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. (BMD) is trusted globally by thousands of theatrical groups to provide meaningful and compelling media; ensuring the continued enrichment of the theatrical experience through the promotion of new and innovative methods of storytelling. BMD introduced the concept of commercially produced digital scenery for plays and musicals. Since then, we've proven ourselves continually innovative with the expansion of products tailored specifically to the theatrical community, quickly becoming the most trusted name in media technology for theatre.

We're part of your production team 

At our core we are a family-run company full of thespians.

Because of a natural energy inspired by theatre, we work each day excited to come alongside you as part of your production team. Through this approach we aim to extend the scope, reach and impact of theatre.

When you work from BMD you receive a high-quality products and customer support with technical expertise. Our customer service philosophy is to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our products and services, that all questions are answered, and to be available at show-critical moments if an issue arises.  Meet Our Team > 

Our Story

Quentin E. Sanford founded the company in 2013, acting as the creative director and manager, alongside a ragtag team that included Nathan Ramos in art development and Laura Facciani in customer service.  

Sanford grew up at a community theatre, performing almost daily and working behind-the-scenes in sets, costumes and lighting his entire childhood. Early in his career he lived in New York City and surrounded himself with the energy and vibrancy of the epicenter of theatre world. During that period, Sanford attended the Broadway production of his favorite show, “Guys and Dolls" which featured animated projection design and that experience prompted the first inspiration for BMD. 

From that moment, Quentin began working towards providing innovative technology and media to smaller theatrical groups, starting with Scenic Projections.His goal was simple: take complex technology and develop effective, intuitive products and services that are affordable for the broad network of theatre, especially focused on the amateur community. 

q-l.pngInitially founded as "Broadway Motion Design", we changed our legal name to Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. in 2016 and re-established ourselves simply as BMD.

The change was a key transitional moment from Sanford's early-idea to provide beautifully crafted projections to all theatres; and expanded our impact on theatre through exciting global partnerships, new product development and proven distribution channels, which cemented our small-business as the go-to media source for theatre. 

BMD has always been and will continue to be focused on its customers and the unique needs of the theatre industry. We are a proud team of dedicated thespians, dreamers, doers and artists; and we are all so thankful to be working in an industry we hold so dearly. That shared thespian attitude is the heart and soul of our business. 



Our Partner Network

We are especially proud to have strategic partners who align with our mission. Through these relationships, including many of the leading theatrical rights agencies; such as Music Theatre International (MTI) and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), we offer innovative products and effective services that positively impact thousands of organizations around the globe. We are proud to work with authors, composers, storytellers, and artists in developing, managing, and licensing new media for live entertainment. 

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